Director of Education 

Kelvenia Edwards is a proud Atlanta native with a lifelong dream of becoming an educator. From an early age, she has been passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering her community. 

As the Director of Education, Kelvenia is responsible for overseeing and managing all educational programs within this organization. With her strong leadership background and deep understanding of education and trends, she is a key decision-maker in shaping the educational experience of students.

 Kelvenia Edwards is an accomplished educator and leader with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with certifications in teaching, coaching, and gifted endorsements.  She has been recognized as Teacher of the Year and Teacher of the Month countless times in her 17 years of teaching. Kelvenia has a proven track record of excellence in the classroom and a deep passion for helping students overcome their challenges and achieve their full potential.

Through Kelvin’s Kindness, Kelvenia will be able to extend her reach beyond the classroom and make an even greater impact on her community. She will be able to utilize her exceptional skills, which she has tirelessly cultivated,  to ensure the importance of Education in underprivileged communities.